Restoring WholeHealth

Combining Functional Medicine, Functional Nutrition, Genetics + Nutriogenomics, Mind-Body Medicine + Lifestyle along with advanced lab testing to get to root causes of symptoms and create vibrant, sustainable health + wellness

Approaching health—and life—from a whole body perspective, incorporating all facets of wellness to restore WHOLEHEALTH

Our Approach

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Addressing Root Causes to Restore Wellness


Every individual presents unique challenges and goals.  We are committed to caring for you as a whole person and getting the results you want and the individualized care you need. We consider your unique genetic and individual biochemistry, microbiome, environment, lifestyle and nutrition.

Integrative + Functional

We address the root imbalances of your health issues rather than simply treating your symptoms.  We utilize a whole-body, evidence-based approach that draws on the philosophies and principles of naprapathy, functional nutrition,  genetics/nutriogenomics, naturopathy and functional medicine.


The journey back to health is about education and implementation.  When you know how to care for yourself and your family, you are empowered to transform your lives and restore your health. The health of future generations will be determined by the decisions and actions we make today.

"Transform Your Health; Revolutionize Your Life"

~Dr. Laurie White

WholeHealth Transformation

Live With Intention

There is a different way to approach our health. Our bodies have an innate capacity to heal on a foundational level. We are here to guide you and let you know there is hope. What do you envision for your health transformation?

WholeHealth Wellness with Dr. Laurie White

WholeHealth Wellness is a process that looks to the root cause behind symptoms and imbalances.  It is a personalized approach to optimizing and restoring health.

Dr. Laurie White seeks to help individuals who are looking to identify the “why” to systemic imbalances and resolve the issues in a way that does not just mask the symptoms.  Her personalized approach involves looking at your health history and indicators regarding your diet, lifestyle and toxic exposures.  Dr. White will then create a personal health plan to assist you on the path to restoring your health and wellness.


10 minute discovery call

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Comprehensive initial consultation


Functional nutritional evaluation + Labs

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Report of findings + implementation of plan


Follow up visits to monitor + support your wellbeing

A Partnership to Revolutionize Your Health

Dr. White’s unique approach provides an integrative background with a functional medicine approach. She takes all her training and experience – physical medicine, functional medicine, bio-individual genetics and functional nutrition – and brings it all together.  Working together, Dr. White will guide you to achieve the health and vitality you deserve.  You do have the potential to launch your very own personal health-revolution.

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Dr. Laurie White


Dr. White believes your body was brilliantly designed to heal.  Together, we honor this truth through individualized nutrition, advanced functional medicine, and mind-body practices.  We provide a personalized, science-based approach to healthcare that empowers you by working in collaboration by addressing the root causes of your symptoms and promoting optimal wellness.  We are invested in you, your health, and your experiences.  Dr. White is dedicated to listening and providing simple and sustainable strategies to experience true-health and restore balance in health and in life.

“After years of navigating my family’s various health issues, such as type 1 diabetes, celiac and ADHD, it was a blessing to find Dr. Laurie White. She has a wealth of information that really helped us dig into the root cause of each of our individual health issues. By providing resources such as lab testing options, nutrition ideas and supplement protocols, I was able to get better results in our overall health. Having a compassionate, knowledgeable doctor to guide us on this journey is something Ill forever be grateful for!”


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Creating genetic potential

By discovering your variations

Understanding your genetic predisposition allows vital information for your overall health.  Dr. White will evaluate your StrateGene® analysis combined with your health history, functional evaluations, diet + environmental exposures and create a wellness plan detailing specific areas of focus for nutritional and lifestyle interventions.  Your plan will be highly individualized; selecting nutrients, dietary modification and lifestyle recommendations specific to you.

Together With StrateGene® We Evaluate Your:

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